Welcome to Our New Backend Developer: Marino Lipotic

What have an EU project, everyday challenge, and Keanu Reeves to do with Learningbank's new Backend Developer? Read more and get wiser.

What experiences have you made before coming to Learningbank? 

I started studying Computer Science in 2014. It seems not that far ago but I have been loving it for way longer before then.

I have put a lot an effort in it and, as a result, I worked as a Student Teaching Assistant and while I was studying, I started working fulltime as a Developer in my hometown. Accidently, my life led me to an EU project that was a turning point to my current job in a software development agency, Pseudocode, where I do tasks for Learningbank.

What do you love about working in Learningbank?

Challenge, everyday challenge… Great colleagues, great code reviews and continuous improvement. I have a great impression so far.

How do you use your skills in Learningbank?

I am a Software Developer. So, I write code. Sometimes it is completely new and sometimes it is editing an old one to get the desired functionality.

What we always can ask you about:

People, life, relationships, and, of course, computers 😉.

What we never can ask you about:

Politics, religion and all that stuff that makes human beings start a fight…

Who you want to dine with – dead or alive?

Keanu Reeves (a lot to learn about life from him).