Welcome to Our New Office Manager: Elke Bleeg

What has accounting, structure, and non-baking to do with Learningbank's new Office Manager? Read more and get wiser.

What experiences have you made before coming to Learningbank?

I have a lot of working experiences. I started working in accounting many years ago, first as a trainee, and later as an Accountant, where I had my own clients. I’ve been working in England for a Japanese Import company for 2 years, I’ve been working for banks here in Copenhagen, I’ve been to Italy, and lately, I’ve been working for Gentofte Hospital as a Secretary for the last 12 years.

How did you find/get in touch with Learningbank?

I found the job position online, and I instantly had a good feeling when I saw it. But I actually thought I didn’t have a chance, because the people in Learningbank looked so young. Even so, when I went to the interview with Gert (Finance Manager) and Ann-Katrine (Head of Customer Relations) I had a good feeling about it. I think it is important to have a good first impression. Afterwards, I met up with Stine (CEO & Founder), and I could feel that Stine was a power woman, and I admire her, she’s really talented. I still have this good feeling after a week, and I feel that I belong.

What do you love about working in Learningbank?

I love the enthusiasm and I love that people are so friendly and nice, and everyone makes me feel welcome and they are very helpful. For me it is great that there is a mix of generations in the employee group.

How do you use your skills in Learningbank?

I use my administrative skills, a little bit from the accounting where you have to be structured, proper, and straightforward. I use a lot from my previous work both as an Accountant and a Secretary. I like to have thing in order.

What we always can ask you about:

I love to read books, especially biographies and historic novels, because I think it is very interesting to know where we come from and what influences us. I love to do tracking/walking and I’ve been traveling to China, Vietnam, and New Zealand. I do yoga and go to the gym 4 times a week because I think it is important to do something nice for your body. And I love rock, especially Rammstein.

What we never can ask you about:

Baking. Sewing, knitting. I would be a really bad housewife. I keep my place tidy and clean – and that’s it.

Who you want to dine with – dead or alive?

Kafka, because he was a very clever, interesting, and different man. He had an interesting life, but unfortunately he died to young.