Welcome to Our New UX/UI Designer: Andreea Tilihoi

What have gamification, the love of UX Design, and dog training to do with Learningbank's new UX/UI Designer? Read more and get wiser.

What experiences have you made before coming to Learningbank?

In the beginning of my studies I used to work at small UI or graphic projects and jobs. Then, I joined 3Shape, first, as a student and later on at fulltime basis. Here, I discovered the UX part of design, fell in love with it and developed my skills.

How did you find/get in touch with Learningbank?

I was looking for another job and then I saw the position on LinkedIn. I applied, and afterwards I saw that my friend, Roxana (Developer) worked here. I met with Ron (Product Owner) and we clicked instantly. He mentioned that we are the same personality types, so we got along from the beginning.

What do you love about working in Learningbank?

I like the environment because people are helpful, friendly, and open. I am looking forward to learn more about digital learning, especially the gamification side of it which Learningbank offers. I think it is an amazing product differentiation. I am currently working on some game slides, and that is quite a nice onboarding task to start with.

How do you use your skills in Learningbank?

I’m planning to use my abilities to offer Learningbank’s customers the best user experience. I am looking forward to understand the users and apply design methods to make the platform and technology easier to use and understand, which in the end will offer so much value both to the customer and the company.

What we always can ask you about:

Anything, because I like to talk to people, especially listening because I can always find something new and interesting about everyone – it is one of the reasons why I’m good at my job. We can also discuss the best personal development books, TV Series, board games, fitness, cooking – I love baking cakes. Also, I love dogs – fun fact, I have skills in training them.

What we never can ask you about:

I am not that interested in talking about politics and have no idea about sports teams.

Who you want to dine with – dead or alive?

On a personal level, my grandmother – she is no longer with us, but we were really close. Also, I think it would be amazing to meet the Dalai Lama because he is the embodiment of compassion and kindness and one can learn so much from him.