Welcome to Our New Product Designer: Narchie Batol

What have conceptualizations, UX Design, and wall-drilling to do with Learningbank's new Product Designer? Read more and get wiser.

What experiences have you made before coming to Learningbank?

My journey started 10 years ago at Suddenly Copenhagen, now known as Isobar, a digital agency specialized in Media and Marketing, as an intern. After the internship, I became more intrigued in the production and maintenance of websites, not just focusing in the design principles such as grid systems, color theory, and visual hierarchy, but also building the website. 

My first ‘real job’ was as a Consultant in web design for Siteworks, which is a full-service web agency. In this job, I went to meetings with clients, conducted interviews, and made conceptualizations based on the clients’ needs. An exciting job which led to more job opportunities. 

My most recent job was at Infare, a corporate organization that collects airfare observations from airlines 24/7. I’ve spent the last four years, designing the UX and user interface of the organization’s business analytic tools. Professionally, I have evolved from making just visual design that would motivate customers buying products, to product design that meet customers’ needs, satisfy their aesthetic requirements and provide a high level of usability. 

How did you find/get in touch with Learningbank? 

I came across a job post on LinkedIn, read the job description and applied for the job. I went to two meetings. And after the final design test, I got the job and was very thrilled. 

What excites you about working in Learningbank?

1. The enthusiasm and the positive energy across the office

2. I love that Learningbank uses gamification to onboard employees

3. And that they use a fun approach to celebrate their weekly wins  

How do you use your skills in Learningbank? 

I have skills in empathy. When I work on a new project, I start by understanding the business situation, the strategy and the objective in more detail. Then understanding the users’ emotions, behaviors, and needs, before creating design solutions. In this way I can build the whole experience based on customer needs. It is not a one-person job, it requires a whole team, to create great products, therefore I make an effort to communicate well, and listen actively to my co-workers’ professional opinions. 

What can we always ask you about?

Responsive design, Adobe Software, and the best hours to commute to Malmö. 

What can we never ask you about? 

To drill in your wall, unless you want a big hole as a piece of art 

Who do you want to dine with – dead or alive? 

My grandmother, who turns 100 years old this March and whom I admire a lot. She’s a strong and independent woman. She always tells her children and grandchildren: “Enjoy your life, and stop worrying.”