Welcome to Our New Sales Development Manager: Emmie Nordin

What have Social Science, Star Wars, and 300 pairs of shoes to do with Learningbank's new Sales Development Manager? Read more and get wiser.

What experiences have you made before coming to Learningbank?

I’ve been working in a lot of places: In retail, i.e. Hunkemøller and Rituals, but I’ve also been working with telemarketing in Barcelona, as an Au Pair in New York, and recently in some different Sales positions in Sweden. I’ve studied: Social Science, Law, Economics, Finance, and Psychology. 

How did you find/get in touch with Learningbank?

I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn, and I started googling Learningbank. The creative part of the company immediately caught my eye, and I saw that all the employees looked happy. Of course, the purpose of the company and the product was also appealing. 

Actually, I was headhunted for another job, but I was completely sold on Learningbank, so that other job never happened. 

What excites you about working in Learningbank? 

Now, when I’m here, the thing I love is that we have so many competencies in-house, there is so much I can learn. There is plenty of room to make ideas grow, and you are seen as a person, your ideas are important, and people are open to discuss and share ideas. 

How do you use your skills in Learningbank? 

I’m a very creative person, so I can look at different things from different perspectives. I like to try out new possibilities to reach different clients. I’m a talker – smiling and dialing. I believe that selling is natural if you see a good match between the product and the company buying it. I will talk to them like a person and not like a sales robot. 

What can we always ask you about? 

Soccer, lipsticks, and shoes. If anyone is a size 38, please come to my shoe-closet. I think I have around 300 pairs. And you can always ask me about fun, random facts from movies to places and countries. If you want to know something about a building I can tell you how many stairs there are.  

What can we never ask you about? 

Star Wars

Who do you want to dine with – dead or alive?

Louis Armstrong – he’s just amazing and I love jazz-music. And then I would love to meet my grand-grand-grand-grand mother, who was she? That’s interesting.