Strengthening a Growing Organization with Digital Learning

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Vivino is the world’s largest online wine marketplace and wine app, with more than 12.5 million different wines and 50 million users (2021). Vivino was founded in Denmark in 2010. Today, the headquarters is in San Francisco, California, and has employees across the globe.


Vivino is a growing scaleup that expanded rapidly in a short time. That is a great thing, however, it complicated the upskilling, training, and onboarding of employees as they had many new hires starting in a short amount of time and people shifting roles within the company.  

Before Learningbank their training material was all over the place. They had no real structure of employee training, they were struggling to give their employees a good start, get them up and running fast, and support their carrier growth in a proper way.  


Learningbank provided the tools for Vivino to build their own “Vivino Academy” that allows them to safely onboard their new hires and provide upskilling and reskilling for their employees 
It’s important for us as an employer, as a company, to make sure that people are safely onboarded. Both because we don’t want to lose them but it’s also in order to reduce time-to-performance” says Ditte Buch Andersen, Learning & Development Partner at Vivino. 


We want to make sure people are up and running as fast as possible”, Ditte says.  And the pre- and onboarding is helping them with this.

Vivino now has all their employee training, pre-, and onboarding collected in one place. The employees at Vivino are welcomed to the company even before they have their first day.  Their digital onboarding creates a feeling of security and helps answer questions that new hires often have, securing a faster way to performance.    

Thanks to the platform it is now also easy for their employees to upskill for new roles within the company. This allows them to retain knowledge and employees within the company, letting people develop as the as the company grows.  

Key takeaways

  • Reduce time-to-performance with structured pre- and onboarding  
  • Gives a one-stop-shop for all their training 
  • Create engaging learning quick and easy 
  • Supports career growth by easy access to upskilling & reskilling
  • Helps strengthen employee retention 
  • Receives fast replies and support from Learningbank