Hygiene Training

Win the Battle against Dust and Bacteria

This learning flow gives a fun and engaging introduction to hygiene training. With customizable content you can focus on the specific hygiene training relevant to your organisation.

Hygiene training in practice

We have gathered the key points in bite sized learning chunks of 5 minutes. The purpose is to learn the ropes of hygiene in a highly engaging way to make it memorable. Each module centers around one subject and a central challenge, which makes this digital learning both appetizing and easy to digest.

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

01. Own-checks: Let’s get started

02. How to avoid cross-contamination

03. The importance of personal hygiene

04. Get heating sorted

05. The cold chain step by step

06. Tips for keeping food warm

07. Food condition: Go or no-go

08. Cleaning: The foundation for good hygiene

09. Inspection visits: Get ready

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