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We’ll cover:

  1. How the Learningbank platform helps you to train and engage employees.
  2. How to create learning content, build learning journeys, and track learner performance.
  3. Highlight use cases.
  4. Q&A with members of the Learningbank team.

Why use Learningbank?

Our platform is based on a more holistic vision and focuses on the learner. This way, it is easier to follow up and create learning for employees on the specific stops on their journey.

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Save time with learning automation

We help you automize your learning into journeys for specific employees, departments, countries and more. 

platform_employee-engagement (1)Turn training into engagement

Every part of the platform is designed to engage your employees with easy usability and gamified interactive learning

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No more boring learning

With our platform, creating, launching, & administrating fantastic digital learning has never been easier


Get world class support

We will continuously deliver the best support  for you and conduct vitality check-ins also after you press the go-live button.