Coming soon: Anti-Money Laundering Learning Flow

Introduce your employees to Anti-Money Laundering and increase their awareness of what to look out for in your organization.

Why learn about AML?

Do you know about the Anti-Money Laundering Directive from the EU and have you implemented procedures that support the national laws?

The bad news is that ignoring the law does not excuse you from fines and sanctions. You or your company can be found guilty, even if you didn’t know that you did anything wrong.

Companies that get caught being involved in laundering money or financing terror are in deep trouble – even if it is not the company itself, but its customers that are the culprits. Both your reputation and survival are at stake.

Your best weapon in this fight is your employees: teach them how to recognize the warning signs of suspicious financial activity. Each one of us have the potential to spot irregular activities from both customers and employees – all it takes is awareness!

AML training in practice

The purpose of the AML Awareness Learning Flow is to create awareness of the importance of being curious and alert about matters of financial crime. Compliance and risk assessment obligations vary by industry, but all sectors and companies will benefit from this basic training about what to pay attention to. The learning flow uses gamified interactions to present key elements of basic AML in an engaging and memorable way. Through quizzes, challenges, cases, tips, and advice, we show the users what to look for and equip them to stay alert on AML responsibilities.

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

01. Introduction

02. Whitewash Island

03. Field training

04. The story of money laundering

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