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Flexible and engaging digital learning customized to your brand 

  • Learning across devices
  • World class learning content
  • Continuous updating of learning content

Get ready-made and thoroughly tested learning modules of the highest quality within different subjects. Our ready-to-play learning modules combine gamification, storytelling, realistic scenarios, and results-driven content that engage the employees and ensure the learning outcome. 

A modern academy - where your employees and partners need it

Cybercrime is increasing more and more, and your company’s data is sought after by cybercriminals. The biggest hurdle when it comes to IT security is your employees’ behavior – so it’s not enough to install an anti-virus program or other software.

Get your employees to learn about IT security, so they know which pitfalls they have to be aware of and how they can avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Afterward, you keep the employees in shape with drop by drop learning in the form of nano-learning modules, so they are constantly being challenged to train their IT self-defense.

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Just Plug & Play

Learning games pre-built and ready for your employees in the Learning Lifecycle Platform. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

Gamification & Storytelling

Our experts, psychologists, designers and learning specialist develop content and narratives that drives high engagement.

Real-life scenarios & result-driven

Combining state of the art learning design with real scenarios in various areas anchors new behavior and knowledge with effect.

Build better training quicker

  • Create mobile-friendly learning modules & best practice scenarios with videos, content, quiz, exercises etc
  • Use our prebuilt templates to speed up the production time
  • Get help from our learning experts to convert your existing material & build engaging learning content

The world’s best

off-the-shelf digital

sales learning

  • Gamified off-the-shelf digital learning modules
  • Create new learning paths and combine ready-made content with your own content

Learn, when and where it suits you

Our platform delivers what modern sales & service teams need for training. It’s the perfect solution for today’s employee who expects training to be quick, relevant, engaging and easy to access from any device.

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