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Video course for learning & development

Watch our video course which gives you practical and inspirational knowledge about how to empower learning in your organization.

Insider secrets, tips, and the latest research

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Template for Digital Learning/Platform Business Case

Ready-to-use PowerPoint template for your next business case for a digital learning project. 


Reduced time spent on product knowledge workshops from several days to one

Imagine you are a new employee in Lindab. You want to know all about Lindab’s products. But wait. The next product training is not happening before 6 months. This could be the case for a new hire in Lindab before they got the Learning Lifecycle Platform.

Video Case

Strengthening a growing organization with digital learning

Watch the video and learn how Vivino is training and onboarding employees.


Happier Employees: 6 Tips to Elevate your Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Employees are more unhappy than ever before. This is the result of a recent Linkedin report about employee wellbeing. In the report, you can see a 3.5 % drop in employee wellbeing from October 2020 to October 2021. 


The Best Tips and Research about the Hybrid Workplace

In our podcast WORK 3.0, we talked to the Chief Scientist of Workplace Management and Well-being at Gallup, Jim Harter, about the hybrid workplace.


Nordic Learning Trends 2022

In this webinar, you will discover the latest learning trends including: Challenges & Priorities, The Most Popular Learning Formats, & Learning Outcomes.


Get introduced to the Learning Lifecycle Platform

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