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En podcast om vår framtida arbetsplats, där vi går på djupet med trenderna och ger dig värdefulla tips för att skapa de bästa arbetsdagarna.

Lär dig mer om ämnen som t.ex: 🌎 den hållbara arbetsplatsen, 💛 mångfald och inkludering, 🏝️ den hybrida arbetsplatsen, 🏃‍♂️ den stora uppsägningen och mycket mer...


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L&D STORIES: Ross Stevenson

Our first guest in L&D Stories is Ross Stevenson, he is Chief Learning Strategist and Founder of Steal These Thoughts dedicated to transform learning and development for the modern world. In this episode you'll get Ross' insights on: What mistakes to avoid when creating learning, The go-to strategy when creating learning for audiences, What's working and what's not, How to start digitalization processes in your company and enabling learning, and much more.

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Should We All Work in the Metaverse - and How?

The metaverse seems futuristic and the opportunities even more dreamy. Maybe - we will be able to handle even more tasks with our very own AI-twin and work from a sunny island, but without getting the sand into our keyboards. But – is the metaverse for all kinds of employees? Do we need huge equipment to enter the metaverse? And isn’t there a potential risk of us getting lonelier?

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What Does the Future Leader Look Like? 

Globally, 80 % feel unengaged at work according to Gallup. And, if the leaders just lean back and do business, as usual, it’s quite probable that their unengaged employees will look around for new opportunities, where their leader actually takes their wellbeing seriously. So, what can leaders do to take better care of their employees? And what does it take to become the best leader possible in the future?

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What Defines The Happiest Employees in the World?

Happiness. What comes to mind? Your family, your friends? Sun-kissed memories from your last holiday with sand between your toes? Or what about your job? These days, elevating the employee wellbeing is on top of the agendas for most workplaces. This might be caused by the time we had to reflect during the pandemic. So, how can we make sure that everyone is happy at work, and how does the happiest employees in the world look like? 

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The 4 Day Work Week - What's New and Can it Work?

The 4 Day Work Week is trending as never before. Now, it’s not only something that cool start-up companies take on, but larger corporations are also starting to look into this way of framing our work life. We have asked Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (Speaker, Author, and Founder of Strategy and Rest) how can you ensure that the 4 day work week will become a success – both for you as an employee and your company too.

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How Do We Learn in a Post-Pandemic Hybrid World?

Do you remember how you earned new skills before the pandemic? Maybe, you took out several days in your calendar to get new inputs in a course room, and met with other people from outside the usual office space? The two-year pandemic made this almost impossible, and the learnings we’ve got from learning new skills digitally will, now, definitely be something that we can fit into our new reality of work.

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New Gender Gaps in the Hybrid Workplace? 

Studies show that more women than men have asked for more flexibility to work remotely post-Covid-19. And if their managers are not fully up to speed to handle employees working remote, then the women working remote will easily be forgotten, if they are not as visible in the office spaces. So, what can women and other people who want to work more remotely do to make themselves more visible?

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What Does the Modern Career Path Look Like?

We used to think that our careers only went one way: Up. Up. And up again. Until we finally reached the top. But with a new focus on happiness at work and what is essential for our wellbeing, then we might not want to do this step up that often comes with more responsibility and more tasks to handle. Maybe we are content where we are if we just get rewarded with new challenging tasks? Or maybe there is another twisted path that works better for some of us.

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How to Fight the Great Resignation

Working 9 to 5. So, the song goes. Or does it? New movements don’t want to live to work anymore, while others simply are getting tired of poor culture and stress at the workplaces. Some also speak about covid clarity and want to do more meaningful work. Put in other words: The great resignation is upon us.  But what can companies and organizations actually do to keep their employees, and prevent us from pursuing other, maybe even more rewarding possibilities?   

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The Best Hybrid Workplace

Studies show that more than half of office workers post COVID-19 want to have 1-2 days working remotely. And this is, even though some of our good, old office space, once again has welcomed us with open arms. Obviously, the flexibility of working from home has taken a special place in our hearts, but how can we ensure that we keep performing instead of slacking? And what does the amazing hybrid workplace, actually, look like?

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Diversity & Inclusion in 2022

For the last 60 years, our workplaces have undergone a tremendous transformation. And today, women, people of color, and the LGBT+ community have entered powerful positions in companies and organizations all over the world. But … still many from these groups fought harder to get to these positions. Are people truly stepping up to create more inclusive workplaces? And does the perfect workplace exist?

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L&D STORIES: Ellie Liu

Our guest in this episode is Ellie Liu. Ellie is ELearning Specialist at Trade Republic, and she has many years of experience with creating learning for different audiences. In this episode, you will gain Ellie's insights about: Tips to enhance the learner/teacher experience, How to know your audience even better for greater outcomes, How to determine your goals, Why on-demand learning is working, The importance of a good L&D tool, What the future of learning looks like, and more.

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How to Learn New Skills in Busy Workdays 

We see an ever-changing world, where robots and automation replace human tasks and jobs completely. This screams for an upskilling revolution for us, the employees, and also reskilling some of us who need to move into another function. But how can we make time to learn in our over-booked calendars? And can the HR & L&D department even give us the learning we need?

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Sustainable Workplace

Green, flourishing, growing trees. Clean, bright air. Bicycles, electric cars, and windmills. Recycled plastic bottles and plant-based food. You MIGHT get where we are going, right? Sustainability is popping into almost every aspect of our daily lives. The way we transport ourselves, the way we eat and buy products, but what about the way we work? The sustainable workplace is trending. But what is it, really?

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L&D STORIES: Christian Haahr Sigsgaard

Our guest in this episode is Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, who is Group VP of Learning and Development at Valtech, and he has many, many years of experience within the field of L&D. In this episode, you will gain Christian's insights about, for example: Why the content model is broken, Varieties of learning initiatives, Why doing less eLearnings is a KPI for his team Craft Circles, and Who the winners of L&D will be in the future. 

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L&D STORIES: Jasmin Rask

Our guest in this episode is Jasmin Rask, who is HR Development Professional at Terma Group, and she is especially experienced when it comes to employee engagement and motivation. In this episode, you will gain Jasmin's insights about, for example: Why it's a bad idea to try to invent something new, You need a clear purpose or you'll lose learners, Communicating about where to locate learning takes up too much time, What skills to gain is key for engagement, and more

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L&D Stories: Allan Nørgaard

Our guest in this episode is Allan Nørgaard, who is HR & Academy Director at KVIK, which is an international company selling kitchens, and he has been in the HR industry for almost 20 years. He is especially experienced when it comes to connecting the people strategy with the business strategyIn this episode, you will gain Allan's insights about, for example: Knowing people's backgrounds is more important than the theory behind the learning content, The importance of easy access and a clear payback for learners, and much mre.

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The Status at the Workplace

Are you still enjoying your time at work from your home office? Or did you miss your co-workers too much?  Did the hybrid workplace not work out for you? And what about the ongoing recession – are thoughts about losing your job creeping into your mind more often than you’d like? And what about AI, ChatGPT, and all the other robot kinds of stuff that obviously will steal your job. Or will it just make your workday easier? 

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How to Retain Employees and Keep them Happy

Do you need to drag yourself out of bed each morning? Or do you fly high as a kite on your way to work?  If you are happy at your workplace, it is probably more likely that you also want to stay at that workplace. What are the most common reasons that people leave their jobs, and what can we do to address them?

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Can You Be a Super Parent and an Excellent Employee at the Same Time?

In the past, you might have been the last person leaving your desk at the end of the workday, or the one going on business trips for several days during the month.  Now, you have the responsibility of a child, and you might need a bit more flexibility to take care of your job and your child. But is your workplace ready to give you this opportunity? And why is it even important to give working parents better opportunities to create the just right work-life balance? 

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How to Cope with Work-Related Stress & Burnouts

Stress can be caused by different factors, and your job is one of them. For quite some time, we have been talking about a global stress epidemic, and in 2020, statistics said that 43 % of employees increasingly felt pressure from stress. In this episode, we'll talk to Dr. Cary Cherniss, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, about what you can do to prevent yourself from burning out.

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