Your Personal Leadership Program

Give your aspiring and existing leaders the training they need to develop strong personal leadership that truly benefits their teams and the business. 

💻 21 micro-learnings ✏️ Fully customizable

About This Program

To be a good leader, you have to start with yourself. This program gives your employees the foundation of being a good leader, focusing on their own personal leadership. All taught by leadership experts.


We are proud to collaborate with byMichaelHansen in this personal leadership program. Our digital learning combined with their services in leadership training, gives your employees the best training with a blended approach. 

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Learning Paths & Modules

1. Your Personal Leadership

Why personal leadership? In this introductory learning path your learners are introduced to the concept and framework of personal leadership that will get them started in their leadership program. 


  1. Let's get started
  2. Learn to lead yourself
  3. Recall the crucial learnings
2. Be Proactive

Being proactive gives the right mindset and behavior as a leader, where you always have a choice, take full responsibility for yourself, and make the right decisions based on proactive responses in any given situation.


  1. Understand proactive and reactive behavior
  2. Real-life examples in Company name
  3. Learn to be proactive
  4. Learn to pause and step back
  5. Recall the crucial learnings

🧩 Skills gained: Proactive thinking, Time management

3. Learn to Prioritize

Prioritizing is key to making progress and reaching your goals. You need to know what’s most important and act accordingly. It’s a common challenge for leaders with busy schedules and broad responsibilities, so your learners are here trained in the tools and habits to prioritize 


  1. Understand how to prioritize
  2. The time matrix tool
  3. Real-life training
  4. Recall the crucial learnings

🧩 Skills gained: Stress management, Prioritization management, Time management

4. Become Mentally Resilient

Leaders need to build their capacity to handle stressful situations and pressure that may come in their role. This learning path trains your learners to navigate challenges, unexpected setbacks, hard circumstances, difficult situations, and more.


  1. Understand mental resillience
  2. Strengthen your mental resillience
  3. Your action plan
  4. Recall the crucial learnings

🧩 Skills gained: Problem solving, Stress management 

5. Motivation is Key

Motivation fuels your drive to accomplish tasks and meet goals. When you're motivated, you're more likely to stay focused and maintain momentum, ultimately leading to increased productivity. This learning path teaches how to identify motivating factors at work and understand how to keep their motivation up. 


  1. Understand motivation
  2. Learn to be and stay motivated
  3. Recall the crucial learnings

🧩 Skills gained: Self-awareness, Persistence 

6. Bring it Alive

Michael and Morten will summarize the personal leadership program and how your learners can utilize their new knowledge to build personal leadership in their everyday work.


  1. Executive summary
  2. Thank you

Meet The Experts...


Michael Hansen
Author and Leadership expert
Founder & CEO at byMichaelHansen




Morten Jølst Esmer
Leadership & Employee Development expert
COO at byMichaelHansen



Available in English and Danish.
Other languages provided upon additional agreement

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