no desk, no problem

Meet Maria, today's on-the-floor worker:

  • She's busy and has limited time to learn
  • She's easily distracted, losing interest fast if not engaged
  • She solves on-the-spot problems by smartphone
  • She wants to learn right where she is
  • She needs information to be relevant and on point
  • She spends approximately 3 hours on the phone daily

How can you help Maria to stay motivated and grow in her role without making her feel overloaded (and bored)? 



✅ Timely learning through inbox, SMS, or app

✅ Built for deskless by experienced learning designers

✅ Focuses on high-impact, business-specific

✅ Our #1 concern — usability for you & learners

✅ Automates tasks to give back
the time to humans

✅ Ac
tive, fun & scenario-based trainings

Traditional  LMS

✖️ Pulls learners from work to sit through long courses

✖️  A one size fits all solution for all business

✖️  Functions as order taker from other business units

✖️  The #1 concern – more features, no matter the UI

✖️  Manually distributes learning

✖️  You need to be an L&D expert to produce content

How Learningbank works

Our customers say it best ❤️

“We chose Learningbank as our learning platform because the platform is very user-friendly – both for the many learners and also for the people who have to administrate the platform.”

- Søren Larsen, Crossbridge Energy

Hand in Hand. Our promise to you.

It takes more than just software to create a strong learning culture and succeed with your learning project. That´s why we are here to help you all the way.

Artboard 52Dedicated Learning & Adoption Manager 

Your Adoption Manager will listen to your needs and provide expert guidance. You're never left alone.

clockOnboarding & Implementation

We'll help you every step of the way, ensuring a swift setup and rollout.

Compliance-1Business review & ongoing support

Together, we'll assess the results and share our insights to help your business achieve its best possible outcomes.

Get a taste of what the platform can do for you