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Learning and employee experience is constantly developing and changing. Blended learning, e-learning, gamification, virtual reality and everything in between in the employee journey. Get up to date with knowledge and trends with our e-books.

Learning Trends

Nordic Learning Trends 2022

This year, we once again asked more than 100+ HR & L&D professionals in the Nordics about their challenges, priorities, and learning strategies.


Onboarding Guide 2021

Here’s the big ah-ha: A rocky start to a new job has consequences. If you want to nail onboarding, you should dive right into this Onboarding Guide. We'll share our best tips, insights on remote onboarding, onboarding for the future, and much more.

Future of Work

Future Work Life guide

A practical, How-to Guide to help HR-Managers create a climate of psychological well-being for managers, teams, and individuals.


The New Preboarding Guide 2021

This Preboarding Guide gives you: the stats emphasizing why preboarding matters, a guide to the remote preboarding, a complete checklist to your preboarding, and a final summary punching in the importance of preboarding

Learning Trends

Nordic Learning Trends 2020

Discover the hottest Learning Trends and get insights on how you can prepare your workforce for a new decade. We asked more than 100+ HR & L&D professionals, leaders, marketeers, and people working with learning about the trends.

Learner Adoption

The Guide to LMS Implementation and Learner Adoption

We'll provide you with the best tips and strategies to get all your employees on board when you implement a new learning platform.

Business Case

Template for Digital Learning/Platform Business Case

Ready-to-use PowerPoint template for your next business case for a digital learning project. 

Digital Learning

10 Steps to Success with Digital Learning

You can either dive into the 10 simple steps or you can scroll all the way down and get the 10 tips, which are short, concise points, you can have as takeaways.

Employee Journey

The HR Manager's guide to better employee experience

We need to take care of the employee journey from onboarding to offboarding. But where do you start? What does it take? How do you tackle the challenges? Get the answers in our guide.

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The Offboarding Guide

Offboarding is a field a lot of companies underestimate. Each time you send an employee out the door – or the person choose to do so herself – a story gets in the market as well. A story about an employment, and about your company.

Growth and Development

Strengthen both Employees and Company and Create a Healthy Learning Culture

In this ebook we take a closer look at growth and development - a topic, theme, or a point of focus, which in its nature is tricky to frame, limit, and grasp.


Business Case

Build a Bulletproof Business Case for Digital Learning for the Employee Journey

The process of developing a business case is important; a well-executed process enables you to develop a solid business case. This ebook will guide you through five key steps.


Reboarding guide - A fresh start for experienced employees

Reboarding ensures employees who are either starting in a new function or back at work after a period of absence are given the optimal opportunities to perform and execute.


Guide to create the best onboarding experiences

How to create the perfect welcome and onboarding of new hires. Get insights on onboarding and learn how you can get started in this comprehensive guide.

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