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Companies, managers, and employees love the Learning Lifecycle Platform. It makes it much easier to create learning content, automize learning journeys, and collect insights on performance. 


Meet your challenges with digital training

A few essential areas of retail & hospitality training

✔️ Pre- and onboarding  ✔️ Product knowledge  ✔️ Customer service & sales
✔️ Ergonomics & safety  ✔️ Conflict handling  ✔️ Leadership & management 


How does it work?

Create content with interactive features – and save time with AI-assisted learning helper and auto-translation.
Build automized learning journeys for e.g onboarding and connect different types of learning - on-the-floor training, digital training, and physical courses. 
Now, employees will automatically receive digital learning when they meet the trigger e.g change job role, store, or something completely else.
Pssst We have integrated the platform with your HR system/software, so everything is running smoothly for you and your employees.  

Why the retail industry loves us

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App/mobile learning
What's in your employees' pockets? Yes, their phones. Train your employees anywhere, anytime.    
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Make learning more engaging to improve the experience and the learning outcome.  
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Short learning courses for your employees to learn in small bites during their work day.
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Combine digital learning, on-the-floor learning, and physical courses for better learning experiences.
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Translate your learning content with one click. Provide your employees with learning content in more languages. 
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AI-powered Learning Helper
Save time with a “digital assistant bot” that helps you create the best learning content.
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Automize learning journeys
Set up automized learning paths based on triggers like role,
store, employment stage, etc.
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Track performance
Follow easily up on
store engagement/performance and let managers track employees' progress.

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