The Learning Lifecycle Platform
- built for today’s workforce

Meet the world’s first and only learning lifecycle platform right here. It’s intuitive and simple to use. You’ll never go back when you’ve experienced the endless possibilities.

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Wait.. What's a learning lifecycle platform?

A learning lifecycle platform takes some of the best features from both the LMS and LXP. Let’s be honest, we just took the best parts and threw the rest out.

The platform is based on a more holistic vision and a focus on the learner. This way, it is easier to follow up and create learning for employees on the specific stops on their journey.

Some of the keywords are automation, interactive learning content, analytics, high user experience, and easy-to-use for both admins and users.

But the best part is, you'll have the best support team in the world by your side.

Meet some of our favorite features


Integrations & Single Sign On (SSO) 
No extra clicks, no open tap overload. All your systems and data are simply integrated in the platform, and the single sign-on makes it easier to access.


Customized Platform 

Your platform, your way. The colors, the logo, the font. Customize your platform to make it scream your brand without a single drop of doubt.  


Automation/GDPR ready 

No fuss. No muss. Forget about deleting employees, when they move on. The platform forgets them too - automatically.  


SCORM support 
Include ready-made SCORM-format learning units in your learning paths with a few clicks. 


Social Learning 

Reflect and interact with your peers to maximize the learning outcomes. 


Learning Store 

Ready-to-use digital micro learning content for training in sales, GDPR, conflict handling, IT security, etc.  


Blended Learning  

The platform supports blended learning with the ability to create physical courses, events, and also manager driven tests.


Optional & Required learning

Balance push and pull learning with the platform. Put the required learning right at your employees’ fingertips but also allow them to dive into on-demand learning.


Learning Journey/Sharing 

We reimagined the way to share and schedule learning. Build learning journeys for your employees with an easy-to-use drag’n’drop function. 

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