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Empower your employees with product training in a convenient and accessible way, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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Unleash the Power of Product Training

Revamp Your Employee Training

Transform your employee training with our cutting-edge Learning Lifecycle Platform, empowering you to create captivating and immersive product training experiences.

🚀 Engagement
Create captivating learning experiences with interactive lessons that encourage active participation and provide hands-on practice, reinforcing product understanding.
💫 Blended learning

Combine various methods, such as online modules, instructor-led sessions, and workshops, all in one learning path to create a comprehensive learning experience that suits your employees' needs.
🕹️ Gamification
Make training fun and engaging by incorporating gamification elements, such as quizzes, challenges, and rewards, motivating employees to learn.
💬 Social learning

Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among employees through the Social Learning Wall, where they can ask questions, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences.

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What Makes the Learning Lifecycle Platform Different?

Our Learning Lifecycle Platform combines the best of LMS and LXP to offer both personalized and formal learning capabilities.

The platform's AI Learning Helper and automized learning journeys save administrators valuable time while supporting blended learning, which seamlessly combines digital and in-person training methods. With Learningbank, companies can unlock employee potential and foster a culture of continuous learning leading to happier employees.



Stars"Before it took me approximately 2 hours to make a [course] module, whereas today it takes 20-30 minutes."

Rebecca Mårtensson, IIH Nordic

Søren Larsen_Learning Manager_CrossbridgeEnergy_BW

Stars"[...] the platform is very user-friendly – both for the many learners and also for the people who have to administrate the platform."

Søren Larsen, Crossbridge Energy

FitnessWorld_Jaqueline Jensen

Stars"If you ask the employees, they will definitely say that the digital training has become an integral part of their workday."

Jaqueline Jensen, PureGym

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