Take employee well-being to the next level

In this webinar, you'll get insights on how to improve well-being in your workplace, but also how you can improve your own well-being.


Here’s a little summary of some of what we'll cover in this webinar

  • Why should we focus on this area
  • The business impact of unhappy/burnout employees
  • How do we, in Learningbank, work with employee well-being
  • What does the employee well-being field look like today
  • Everyday tips and insights on how to improve your and your colleagues' well-being 
It might not be rocket science. But it's a complex field!
There is already a lot of good advice, studies, articles, blog posts, webinars, and so on out there. 
Our aim is to simplify it a bit, we want to give you an understanding of employee well-being and the impact of well-being - both on the company and you, the employee.
And most of all, we want to give you inspiration and tips for better well-being in your workplace. 
The entire webinar lasts 40 minutes

Meet your hosts

Join our two in-house experts in this webinar

Laura circle 200200px
People & Operations Specialist

Laura Emilie Thomsen 

Alba 200x200
Adoption & Learning Manager

Alba Kejser