Welcome to the future of employee training! 

Our new AI Learning Helper is here to revolutionize the way
you create learning and train employees.


What can our AI tool do for you?

Create entire courses
Create entire courses in a few minutes. AI-powered content of high-quality.
Build all types of content
Generate questions, answers, polls, etc. Get help on all types of content.
Brainstorm & rewrite
Write explanations or different versions of texts and help generate new ideas for new learnings.
Translate content
Translate learning content into whatever languages you need in one-click. 

AI changes the experiences for everyone for the better

Our tool will help you create better learning experiences for your employees and make life so much easier for L&D professionals. 

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Questions you might have

✔️ How trustworthy is AI-generated content?
Don't worry. The AI Learning Helper is built with a dynamic filter to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content it generates. But like everything else on the internet (and in life), it's a good idea to use one's common sense.
✔️ How does it work?
The AI Learning Helper is developed by OpenAI that uses a deep learning algorithm called a transformer to generate responses. In short, it is designed to understand the context and generate responses that are relevant and coherent when a user/admin inputs a message or question.
✔️ What is the functionality included in the AI Learning Helper?
In our content creator tool, the ModuleMaker, the feature can help you generate everything from multiple-answer questions and polls to whole slides on specific topics. But we're continually developing our AI Learning Helper, so you in the future will see it in all parts of our learning platform.
✔️ Is it secure to use in a company context?
Yes! It'll not collect data from your platform, it'll only generate responses for you. These responses will be based on open-sourced content from the internet. 

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