Take back time and work smarter with AI 

Say goodbye to hectic workdays. With the Intelligent Content Creator at your fingertips, you can speed up your productivity by 10x and write like a pro.


What can it do for you?

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Write like an expert

AI will paraphrase, change tone-of-voice, and fix spelling for you.

Create entire courses

Get AI to generate entire courses based on your prompt/request. 

Brainstorm & guidance

Tap into AI when your creative well runs dry or when you need a nudge in the right direction.

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Translate content

Translate learning content into whatever languages you need in one-click. 


"Before it took me approximately 2 hours to make a [course] module, whereas today it takes 20-30 minutes."


- Rebecca Mårtensson, IIH

AI changes the experiences for everyone for the better

Our tool will help you create better learning experiences for your employees and make life so much easier for the ones creating the learning content. 

Questions you might have

✔️ How trustworthy is AI-generated content?
Don't worry. The Intelligent Content Creator is built with a dynamic filter to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the content it generates. But like everything else on the internet (and in life), it's a good idea to use one's common sense.
✔️ How does it work?
The Intelligent Content Creator is powered by OpenAI technology that uses a deep learning algorithm called a transformer to generate responses. In short, it is designed to understand the context and generate responses that are relevant and coherent when a user/admin inputs a message or question.
✔️ What can it do for me?
The Intelligent Content Creator can help you generate everything from multiple-answer questions and polls to whole text slides on specific topics. It'll also help you in your writing process both with inspiration on a specific topic or making your text even more sharp. But we're continually developing our Intelligent Content Creator, so you in the future will see it in all parts of our learning platform.
✔️ Is it secure to use in a company context?
Yes! It'll not collect data from your platform, it'll only generate responses for you. These responses will be based on open-sourced content from the internet. 

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