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Learn how McDonald’s strenghtened their Employee Experience, onboarding and training using Learningbank.

Big Mac, McFeast and Chicken McNuggets. Most people know the classics on McDonald’s’ menu. And it is often already as a guest, hungry and lingering in front of the counter that you can see yourself as a potential employee on the other side.

The onboarding is an important part, and it’s what takes up most for McDonald’s if you focus on a positive Employee Experience. ”Our experience shows that the more capable we are at taking care of the employees, the faster they will become effective and happy with the job,” says Katrine Schelbli and elaborates:

“If new employees quit within 6-9 months, then it is usually because the onboarding has not been good enough. This is something we can see based on the exit interviews we have with the employees before they leave McDonald’s.”

The challenges

It is definitely not a new focus to create positive employee experiences at McDonald’s. That has always been the case, but today there is a lot that has changed.

”We can no longer develop our programs at a quiet pace. The new generation of digital natives demands more mobile accessibility e.g., which is why we had to speed up the development, so it fits them. They have set quite different demands compared to what we previously have experienced,” says Katrine Schelbli.

The consumption of time was the biggest headline when the restaurant managers were asked about their biggest challenges with recruitment. It took too much time to train the employees, so the faster the managers could guarantee that new employees would get a lot of knowledge, the easier it would be. 

If you look at McDonald’s from the outside, you could think that it’s not difficult to work for them,” says Katrine Schelbli and continues: ”But there is actually a lot you can learn, both food safety, the proper hygiene, specific procedures, etc. just in order to make a round of French fries.” 

Another challenge is that a lot of McDonald’s’ restaurants have long opening hours or are open 24 hours and therefore they just can’t shut down, and practice making French fries.“We have to train when the restaurant is open, so the more preliminary work and knowledge that we can give to the new employees the better. It must not affect the guests in the restaurants,” says Katrine Schelbli.


The digital solution in practice

McDonald’s establishes an opportunity for potential employees so that they can apply for a job at McDonald’s through their smart-phones. Instead of uploading a resume and a Word document as an application, they can upload a video in which they tell why they would like to work at McDonald’s. 

The first meeting has been established with a potential employee. From here, they need to be treated in the right way. This is where Learningbank comes into the picture. McDonald’s needed a place in which they could have all of their training materials, together with that it had to be easily accessible.

How was the collaboration with Learningbank?

“When we had our first meeting with Learningbank, they did not only tell about the platform. They were also incredibly attentive to our needs as a customer and our target group. At the same time, they told us about their visions for the platform in the future.

Another important thing was that we want our systems to “talk together”, both our recruitment system, timetabling system, and the new training platform. The restaurant managers need as little administrative work as possible, and therefore it should be easy to set up a new employee only in one system, so they hereafter would automatically be in all systems,“ says Katrine Schelbli. 

”We are very happy about the collaboration, and feel that Learningbank understands our business and goals which contributes to great solutions.”

Katrine Schelbli, Nordic HR Project Manager at McDonald’s Denmark.

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