Gaudium Catering

Improving Employees' Confidence, Skill Development, & Saving Time

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Gaudium is a well-known Copenhagen-based catering company. They supply the Danes with exclusive, delicious gourmet food for all imaginable festive events, including christening, weddings, birthdays, Christmas lunches, and New Year's menus. 


As many others, Gaudium used to spend much time training new employees. It was hard for them to secure the quality of training and make sure everyone got all the correct information on first joining the company. 

And they didn't have any structure for employee onboarding. It was a lot of repeating the same information over and over, taking a lot of time for both administration staff and the new employee themselves. 


With Learningbank Gaudium gained the tools to structure both their employee onboarding and trainings.  This has helped them to create coherent processes and provide a solid foundation to welcome and train their employees into the company in a smooth way that saves time for everyone in the company.


Gaudium now has all their employee training, pre-, and onboarding collected in one place. The employees at Gaudium are welcomed to the company even before they have their first day.  Their digital onboarding creates a feeling of security and give confidence to the new hires, securing a faster way to performance.    

Thanks to the platform it is now also easy for their employees to learn and develop their skills. This gives them the ability to work more independently, securely, and efficiently. 

Key takeaways

  • Ensure the quality of the information given to employees 
  • Collects all training in one  place
  • Reduce time-to-performance with structured pre- and onboarding  
  • Fast and simple to create engaging learning for their employees 
  • Gives confidence to employees
  • Allows employees to develop their skills easily