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Digital Training with more than 250 Modules and High Completion Rates

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In this case you will learn how Fitness World:

  • Transformed their learning materials

  • Created more than 250 learning modules in the platform on their own

  • Increased completion rates from 3 % to 80 % on digital onboarding

  • Uses Learningbank as an extra co-worker and sounding board

About Fitness World

Fitness World has existed since 2005 and today they are Denmark’s largest fitness franchise with more than 170 centers and nearly a half of a million members. They employ about 4300 fitness instructors, personal trainers, center staff, and employees from their headquarters

About Jaqueline Jensen

Jaqueline Jensen is Learning & Development Consultant in Fitness World, where she has been employed since 2017. On a daily basis she is in charge of the learning platform, pre- and onboarding, digital learning, and the education of employees and management in Fitness World Academy. Previously she has worked for Eurovia in Great Britain and for McDonald’s for 7,5 years. She has a BA in Corporate Communication and an MSc HRM.

Closer than with her own Co-workers

Fitness World and Learningbank have collaborated for many years, and a lot has always been recognizable:

“We have had a really good collaboration since the first day. We have had a lot of partners in Learningbank and the common thing about them all has been that they are passionate, skilled, and that there is a great will from Learningbank to accommodate mine, and there by the needs of Fitness World. Today the Learningbank-team works as an extra co-worker for us,” Jaqueline Jensen says, Learning & Development Consultant in Fitness World.

Before Learningbank came into Fitness World’s life, Fitness World had the traditional classroom training, but when the organization started to develop, it was necessary to think in new, and more digital directions.

A deal was made with Learningbank and the learning platform is the first thing Jaqueline opens up when she starts her workday.

A Platform for the Entire Organization

The learning platform is an important tool in Jaqueline’s daily work, and it is not just her it benefits.

“Support, projects, onboarding ... in 80 percent of my projects and work tasks I use the platform as a tool. If we didn’t have the learning platform, we would not receive the same output, and management would have to spend much more time on training employees. Now, instead we can send out information from HQ to ensure that all employees across Denmark receive the same information. As an add-on we create tailored onboarding plans for the individual staff group, and these plans are made centrally as well. Thereby we can ensure that the employee is ready to take on their new job role, and management can focus on the local training,” Jaqueline says.

Today Fitness World has created an ocean of learning modules in their version of Learningbank’s Learning Lifecycle Platform - 263 as we speak. Fitness World has made 95 % of the modules on their own.

“It is very intuitive to work with the Modulemaker in the platform, and we look forward to it can do even more, because we want to create content with more gamification-elements. But almost everyone can access it and use it with ease, and you do not need the great IT skills to get started,” Jaqueline says.

Since the beginning of the collaboration a lot of new features has arrived in the platform, and Fitness World has benefitted a lot from them. One of the things is that Fitness World now quickly can change or update learning modules that are published already.

“One example is from the first corona lockdown, where we should prepare our employees for a new type of workday. We sent out messages and learning modules for the employees, which changed according to the restrictions from day to day. Here, it was really important, that we could edit and re-send. We have nearly a half of a million members in Fitness World, so everything must be in order” 

And now we are talking about Covid-19, Learningbank and Fitness World created a new form of digital training during the first peak of the pandemic:

“In the three months Fitness World was shut down during the first lockdown, some of the time was spent on creating a completely new digital learning cleaning path. Here, employees get a thorough rundown of how they, for example, must wipe down machines. Before, we had a quite common cleaning training out in the centers - and we still do, but now the employees can get a better introduction to what is waiting for them out in the centers. And this format we will see much more of in the future,” Jaqueline says.

Learningbank as an Extra Co-worker

Jaqueline uses the Learningbank team a lot in her workday, and she is not afraid to speak straight if something is not functioning, but at the same time, her experience is that Learningbank challenges her where it is necessary.

“We have had some situations where something should be fixed right away, and even though the situation was pressed to the limit, there has always been a good dialogue and great communication, where I have been met in a constructive way - and it is a major pro. It is really nice to have somebody who can help you no matter what. We have a really close professional relation, while it at the same time always is cozy when we get together.”

As an extra plus Jaqueline and Fitness World also get the opportunity to be co-creators of the future learning platform.

“About every quarter we have been invited to roadmap meetings, where we are involved in how we want the platform to develop for the future. I think it is so awesome, because this means, that we can be co-creators and help defining how the platform should be, and you do not get this many other places,” Jaqueline says.

The Employees’ Reaction and Great New Learning Universes

The employees have had a really positive reaction to the new form of digital training, but they are hungry for even more.

“When we got the employees onboard, they though it was really nice with more digital training. But they are used to playing games all the time. Candy crush on the bus - and you name it. So, we feel that we should be even more up to speed and that is why we are developing learning universes that are even more gamified for the employees,” Jaqueline says.

When Fitness World started the digital learning journey the completion rates were only 3 %, because the employees didn’t know that the learning platform existed, but by relaunching the platform and by starting a series of initiatives they raised the completion rate on the digital onboarding to 80 % and 70 % for the remaining learning paths.

“If you ask the employees, they will definitely say that the digital training has become an integral part of their workday. But if you ask me as an L&D consultant, I will of course have even more, because I am very ambitious about the digital learning in Fitness World.”

And right now, Learningbank and Fitness World are about to launch their biggest preboarding-universe to date with use of even more gamification.

In one of the modules, you should go through the entire Fitness World history, but in a way that is not dull at all. Here, you actively dribble a ball through an obstacle course, where you must avoid large kettlebells and weights to not lose points, and instead dribble the ball through Fitness World logos to get points - while you learn about the history of Fitness World along the course.

“The feedback I have received from management on the new we are creating has been very positive,” Jaqueline says, and finalizes:

“The last years we have put a lot of effort and energy to create a foundation for Fitness World Academy that could last. We are nearly there, and now we should send out the message. The digital branch is no exception, and with our new preboarding universe we set the bar high. We want to be market leaders and this is also the case at the digital learning area - this will among other things be something that separates us from our competitors and attract competent and ambitious employees.”

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