Everyone deserves to be happy at work

Onboarding is the foundation of the employee experience. If approached right, you can set up your new employee for success and jump-start their learning journey. 



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Onboarding is your chance to win the hearts and minds of new employees

Why use Learningbank for onboarding?

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Save time with automation

We help you automize your learning into journeys for specific employees, departments, countries and more. 

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Turn training into engagement

Every part of the platform is designed to engage your employees with easy usability and gamified interactive learning

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More effective learning

It has never been easier to create, launch, & administrate effective digital learning that raises your completion rates.  


World-class support

We will continuously deliver the best support  for you and conduct vitality check-ins - also after you press the go-live button.

Better onboarding, better employee experience

Putting your people first is more important than ever!

We can’t be there to welcome your new employees, but we can help you to create engaging digital onboarding journeys, automate tasks, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.