E-learning is dead

Was the latest e-learning you tried, just as exciting as a slight cold? In that case, you are not alone.

Many associate the word “e-learning” with a boring and text-heavy digital course you just need to get over with, so the HR Manager can put a check mark by your name. And so you can go back to “real” work.

This view is unfortunately justified in many companies, and it poses a great challenge to my professional field.

I want to make my users want to learn

I have therefore always had the clear mission to revolutionize e-learning and change users ‘ approach from “I have two” to “I want to”. In other words, I want to give my users want to play into learning – also like to in their spare time-and don’t see it as a lesson.

In Learningbank, I’ve got the opportunity to work with a young and inspiring team and develop cutting edge e-learning to very different companies. 

New call-to-action

Every job is unique because we meet the companies and employees on THEIR premises. It is learning concepts that are fun to develop – and FUN to use.

The route, which has led me to the Learning bank, has been guided by the quest for the perfect combination of play and learning. 

A couple of detours as substitute teacher and football coach gave me insight in theories of learning, and during my Msc. IT in experience design specialist, I am in earnest in e-learning.

After a number of consultancy and 3 years in Bang Olufsen, where I was allowed to implement a total transformation of the company’s e-learning strategy, I am both equipped and motivated to continue to make learning a breeze along with my team in the Learningbank.

Everybody must learn throughout life.

And it’s never been easier to provide exciting learning available. Whether we call it e-learning, digital learning or just learning is not so crucial. We just agree that the boring, text-intensive courses are a thing of the past. I am determined to inspire our customers to view that learning should not feel like a punishment – but as a reward!

Anders Juul, VP of Learning in Learningbank