SameSystem & Learningbank

Combine Learningbank & SameSystem in a smooth integration



  • Automate manual processes often associated with new employees, changes in job roles and new training requirements 
  • Ensure that the right learning is distributed to the right employees at the right time 
  • Create a better user experience for your employees
SameSystem Data flow Learningbank
Employee Asset-5 User


Field mapping

Field mapping gives you the opportunity to match data from your system to Learningbank, one field at a time. 
You can pick what data goes where by a simple click. We suggest the below field mapping. 

Learningbank SameSystem
First Name  First Name
Last name Last Name
Email  Email 
Mobile Phone  Choose field / custom field - in SameSystem 
Department Shop Name
Job profile Role
First day Start date
Last day  End date
Id Choose field / custom field - in SameSystem
Permission  Choose field / custom field - in SameSystem

A one-stop solution for managing your workforce and maximizing performance levels. SameSystem includes intuitive scheduling, AI-powered forecasting, BI, digital contracts and attendance tracking.


Workforce management for retail and hospitality

Available languages

Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish

How to set up the integration

The setup guide in our Help Center shows the simple steps for setting up the integration. Find the setup guide here

Privacy & Security

At Learningbank, we take security and anonymity seriously, which is why our data protection and security measures are in line with industry best practices. We are GDPR compliant and always investing to make our platform even more secure. 
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