SSO/SAML & Learningbank

Use SAML to make SSO possible. 






How does it work?

  • SAML is a way to tell external applications and services that a user is who they say they are. SAML makes single sign-on (SSO) possible by providing a way to authenticate a user once and then communicate that authentication. 
  • Additional extension: User integration upon successful SSO. When a user logs into Learningbank using SSO, that user will either be created, updated or deactivated in Learningbank, depending on the data received. If the user already exists and there are no updates in the user data, nothing will happen.


  • Increase employee productivity - your users do not have to spend time remembering one of their countless passwords when logging into Learningbank.  
  • Increase user adoption by a streamlined user experience  - no obstacles for your users to access onboarding, learning and training.  
Identity Provider Data flow Learningbank
Employee Asset-5 User


Field mapping

Below you will find the SAML - Learningbank mapping possibilities.
Check out "How to setup the integration" for more specific instructions.

Learningbank SAML
First Name  Givenname
Last name Surname
Email Emailaddress
Job title Title 
Department Department
Group Group
Id Id

Single Sign-On

How to set up the integration

Check out our step-by-step guide here

Privacy & Security

At Learningbank, we take security and anonymity seriously, which is why our data protection and security measures are in line with industry best practices. We are GDPR compliant and always investing to make our platform even more secure. 
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