On-demand Webinar

How to optimize your employee onboarding

You probably already know that onboarding is important. Getting the best possible start for your new hires and making them feel at home with you is crucial, but how to get started, and what actions to take?

Optimize your employee onboarding 💪

In this webinar, Ziik and Learningbank will share what a good onboarding process looks like for hospitality. We will share tips and insights that you can implement in your organization and show you how to get started.

Agenda 📝

  • What does good onboarding look like?
  • Get started – create a plan for your onboarding
  • Tips to Boost the onboarding experience
  • Q&A
Drum roll please..

Your hosts

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Christopher Cato Lavebrand

Head of Partnerships, Ziik

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John Risør Hansen

CRO & CO-Founder, Learningbank