learning campaign how to

Are you thrilled about your new creation of learning content? And can’t you wait for the launch? Hold your horses, because if the users should be just as excited as you are, then you must make sure, that they know about it.

A learning campaign can be useful to achieve your goal. There are plenty of elements in preparing your campaign, but before you dig deeper into this, you must know about the three basic phases, when you plan your learning campaign.

1. Attention

Make the time to prepare the employees for the new learning content. It could be done by setting up posters in the hallways, the office area, and cafeteria. 

It is a good idea to create a teaser video for the new learning content, which you can post on your intranet. In this way, you are drumming up excitement for the employees, and they will be more likely to explore the content, when you launch.

2. Go live

When you finally push the button, make it big. Throw an event, and capture even more interest and engagement from the users. You can also create a quiz, with questions based on the new knowledge your users should gain from the learning content. 

Even though you have done a lot in the attention-phase, it is still essential to keep motivating and involving people for engaging with the learning content. Another way to do so is writing new messages for your digital platforms and printed flyers or posters. 

The message can be written as a very tricky question at a common area, that relates to the learning content. In that way, you create reflection, and the users might think, that they need this knowledge, and they now know where to get it.

3. Retention

It is a good idea to plan how much of the learning content you should release at a time. As a start, you could start launching 20 % of the entire content, because if the users find it engaging enough, they will naturally hunger for more. 

When the next 20 % is ready, they will now be motivated to take the next learning chunk – right away. It is all about making a reason for the users to keep coming back.