Excellent Employee vs. Super Parent WORK3.0

Most parents can agree that becoming a parent is tough as well as it’s wonderful. It’s both life-changing when you have the responsibility of another human than yourself, but maybe also life-changing when it comes to priorities and, here, your job will be part of that new life puzzle. 

However, you might now have the most family-friendly workplace, and that's why it can be hard to create that just right work-life balance, you need as an employee. 

In this episode of the podcast, WORK 3.0, Majken Juel Heskjær, Chief People Developer at Clever, shares her insights about how they have become more family-friendly as a company, why it is important, and why she believes more companies are stepping up to create better conditions for working parents. 


Super Parent vs. Excellent Employee 

Another question that often comes to mind for most new parents is can you be a super parent and an excellent employee, at the same time? Here, Majken Juel Heskjær also shares her insights in the podcast: 

 "The answer is, of course: yes, you can. I also believe that if you grab the parental leave and become a parent as an opportunity to learn and grow, you can become better. (...) But I also think we should challenge: What is a super parent? Is it about getting the right icing on the cake? Is it to pick up every day? Many of these tasks are related to what the typical mother is doing. So, start by having equality in the homes. Start by looking into what are we doing to split the tasks with the kids," Majken Juel Heskjær says in the podcast, while she continues on giving examples about how to do it in practice. 


Why Your Company Should Be More Family-Friendly 

Listen to the full podcast episode in your favorite podcast player and gain even more insights about: 

  • What the typical parental leave looked like in the past 
  • What specific action steps Clever has done to become a more family-friendly company
  • Why more companies are stepping up today to create better conditions for working parents
  • The value for companies who do more to become more family-friendly 
  • What you can do yourself to get more career opportunities even though you also want a decent work-life balance