How to cope with work related stress

Have you forgotten something as simple as your pin code? Or do you have racing thoughts when you go to sleep? Then you might be experiencing stress and can be close to burnout. 

Stress can be caused by different factors, and your job is one of them. For quite some time, we have been talking about a global stress epidemic, and in 2020, statistics said that 43 % of employees increasingly felt pressure from work-related stress.   

But what can you do to prevent yourself from burning out? What are work related stress symptoms? And is it even your responsibility to make sure that stress is not part of your daily routine at your workplace? 

In this episode of WORK 3.0, Dr. Cary Cherniss, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, will give you his insights about work-related stress and burnout from decades of research in the field. 


How Do You Get Back from Burnout?

There is plenty of stuff you can do to prevent burnout, and there are several factors that usually cause work-related stress and burnout. But what do you do when the damage is done and the burnout is present here and now? Dr. Cary Cherniss has previously studied teachers and burnouts, and in the podcast, he shares some of his findings about what happened when they got back on to their feet: 

"The people who were most vulnerable to early-career burnout were people who during their training were not adequately prepared for the job. (...) Many of these teachers after the first year, if they managed to 'survive', many of them picked up on skills they lacked, (...) and many of them learned to get along with people that they didn't initially. So, it has a lot to do with knowledge. But it's also about the job changing itself," says Dr. Cary Cherniss. 

Best Tips to Avoid Stress and Burnouts

Listen to the full episode of the podcast in your favorite podcast player, and you will gain insights about: 

  • The typical factors of burnout
  • Whether people are more stressed today than before 
  • Who's most likely to become stressed
  • How you as an employee or employer discover stress or prevent burnout 
  • How to create lasting change in the workplace to avoid burnout and stress
  • The best tips to avoid stress as an employee and how you as an employer avoid employees getting stressed out
  • How emotional intelligence can come to play when it comes to stress and burnouts

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