3 Tips: Create the Best Learning Content For Your employees

Where to start when you need to make the best learning content?

Wouldn’t it be easier just to throw it all in a PDF, so the employees can read for themselves what it is all about? Maybe. But there is a big chance that the employees do not feel up to reading it all, without falling asleep and forgetting what they have learned.

That’s why you have to think along other lines when you create digital learning that engages and is remembered.

There are no quick fix solution and shortcut to the optimal learning content. But with three simple pieces of advice in mind, your learning content can get a boost that gives your employees the best learning outcome.

1. Make It Adaptive


“Why is this learning relevant to me?” If your employees ask themselves that question, then the digital learning content is not adaptive enough. The content should be relevant for the individual, and you should have the option to go your own way through the digital learning if there is something that does not make sense for the individual’s work area. In addition, it makes sense to offer special learning content that is adapted to the employee’s role. It will give a high development potential that will get the person in question to accelerate for the benefit of both the individual and your company.

2. Think Along Games – Gamify


Confetti rain, levels, and your own character. These are just some of the elements that characterize gamified digital learning. Remember also to create interactive dilemmas that relate to the employee’s workday. That is both in line with the advice about adaptive learning together with that it guarantees that the employees do not forget the right answer again. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to gamified learning: 80 % more complete the training, 84 % have an increase in user satisfaction, and 71 % gain better results in tests.

3. Accessible For Everyone 

Many employees are busy, and even though they in most cases use work hours on training, then it has its benefits to make the training flexible and accessible. That’s why it is important that the training not only can be completed when you are sitting locked to your desk in front of the computer. That option should also be there but remember to make the training accessible on the phone, and on other hours of the day, so the employee can do it in the train to or from work, or on another time that suits them. The training should be accessible to all – wherever and whenever.