learningbank investment

The interest was great when we back in February initiated the first financing round to raise new capital to further strengthen our digital learning platform. We reached our goal in 30 days and landed a total investment of 30 million DKK (4 MEUR).
The financing is led by a Danish family office, who will be joining Learningbank as a new investor: “We felt it was a match with the new investor already during the very first meeting”, says Stine Schulz, CEO and Founder of Learningbank.
Today, both small and large customers in and outside of the Nordics use Learningbank’s Learning Lifecycle Platform to create engaging learning universes for employees; among others McDonald’s, Lunar, Vivino, 7-Eleven and Rema 1000. The plan is to use the financing to strengthen Learningbank's Learning Lifecycle Platform, accelerate growth and expand its presence in the Nordic countries, but also to take an active step out of the Nordic region.
“Companies contact us to secure their future, because creating a digital learning foundation is a huge part of the risk assessment of companies' daily operations and growth. COVID-19 is a proof that digital learning is not just NICE, but a NEED for companies.”

Make people happier by making them better

“Companies choose Learningbank because they want the best possible way to attract and retain talents with engaging development opportunities. At the same time, they want to create results and transform learning materials into concrete actions and behavior. With our expertise on the brain’s functions and learning trends, we can help them put new knowledge into use to create the lasting behavioral changes they need to succeed”.

”We have developed the world’s first Learning Lifecycle Platform, because learning should be consistent throughout life. We believe that the future of work must be smart and automated learning journeys with a focus on employees, and now we can do that even more and even better,“ says Stine Schulz.

Contact information: 
Stine Schulz, CEO and Founder of  Learningbank
Phone: +45 26 12 20 16
Mail: ss@learningbank.io

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