better admin experience learningbank

Buckle up and get ready! We have made a range of improvements to the admin experience in the Learning Lifecycle Platform to make it easier to use and to help you save time.

Improving The Way You Manage Users in The Platform

As an admin, you spend a lot of time managing the users in the platform to ensure they get the right learning at the right time. We wanted to make this experience even better for you, so you can save time and spend it on other important tasks

Bulk Edit User Information

Have you ever needed to edit multiple users at the same time? Worry no more! In the User Management tab, you are able to select and edit multiple users at once.

Send Activation/Reset Password Emails to Single Users

Sometimes you need to send an activation email to a new user in the platform or send an email to a user who lost their password. We have now made it possible to send out activation e-mails or resend password e-mails to single users in the platform.

Export All Data for Single Users

To make it easy to comply with GDPR, we have made a feature that allows admins to export user data for a single user. This can be done directly from within the user profile.


Other Improvements Worth Mentioning

Add First and Last Day to User Information

Knowing when a user had their first day in your organisation, and when they have decided to leave the organisation, can make on- and off-boarding a lot more structured. With these pieces of information, you can really take advantage of the scheduled learning feature.

Save Your Filters

Do you also hate when you have to reset your filters all the time? We do, so we worked on a solution: The filters you use in the User Management tab will be saved automatically – even when you switch to another page. They will be saved until you manually remove them again.

Empty Stages with Illustrations for Tables

Instead of showing a blank page when a table or site has no content, we have made illustrations to help users understand that they need to fill in data in order to generate valuable tables.

Select Columns When Exporting Users

Exporting the right data when you need it makes life a lot easier, right? We have thought about that and made sure that you can select the relevant columns when you export user data. That way you will only see the data that are important to your specific task.

Merge Active and Inactive Users

Active and inactive users are now shown in the same list instead of splitting these users into two separate lists. If you’d like to see just active users, you can use filters.

Default Profile Pictures with Initials

If your users have not uploaded a profile picture themselves, the user profile can seem a bit impersonal. To make the User Profile a lot more personal, we have added the users’ initials to their profile picture.

If you have any questions regarding any of the features below, do not hesitate to reach out to – we are more than happy to help!