Events Made Easy

The Events feature has been through a make-over: We have upgraded the user experience & reduced the number of clicks to make it easier for you to manage and assign events 😃

What are Events? 

Events is a feature that allows you to easily manage your physical in-person events. You can create events, invite users, upload course materials, and monitor attendance rates. Having your digital learning and physical in-person events in one place makes it easy for your users to get an overview and find a complete overview of all their learning:

What is changing?

Administrating events has never been easier. The improvements include:

  • Keep track of who attend your event and monitor user statuses
  • Make it easy for you to see the status of an event
  • Stay on top of seat & capacity management
  • See how many events a user has attended
  • Invite users to your event via bulk CSV upload

We hope you’ll enjoy the improved Events feature. If you have any questions about the feature, please contact our Relations Managers ( and they will get in touch as soon as possible! 😃