We have developed a more agile department setup in the platform. From now on, users can belong to multiple departments across the entire department structure.

We have transformed the department field in the user creation process to a dropdown where you are able to select multiple departments. 

That means, the feature does not only give a nice value, but is also easy to handle. You can of course also use the new feature in combination with user integrations.

Watch a short video introduction here: 

Why is this new feature important?

Employees often work across departments. In the earlier setup, it was impossible for managers to get insights about an employee’s learning progression, if the employee doesn’t belong to their department or sub-department. Here’s how it looks, when you edit a user.


In this new setup managers can get insights of an employee just by adding the employee to their department or sub-department.

Almost the same scenario has been solved for managers.

They can belong to multiple departments as well and, based on their permission type, get access to the users within the departments and sub-departments.