Introducing four brand new features.

If you’re curious, come with us, we’ll take you through the new features that’ll be released this week.

Premium learning

Speaking of new releases, our learning specialists and designers are working day and night on new engaging learning content.

Instead of creating all training courses from scratch, select world-class content from our ever-growing library of engaging learning content. Visit the Premium Learning overview under the learning tab and try some of the learning flows yourself.

New table filter feature

A new filter option in the User Management and Sharing tables makes it easy to filter on dates. For example, you can now easily see which users have been created the last month.

Background color on slides

Would you like to make your learning experiences more colorful? Here you go! You can change the background color of slides in the Modulemaker.

Estimated time

As you might know, we are crazy about microlearning! Therefore, we changed the scale from having only <5 minutes to having down to 1-minute estimates.

Need more details about one (or all) the new features?

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