In our last updates, we shared two high-impact new features that come heavily requested. This month's new features have less impact but are still of great importance.

Throughout October, we were able to make some exciting video embedding progress and refresh the Notification Center. Furthermore, we kickstarted November with a Hashtag feature, a UI update in the department site, and a more user-friendly way to translate modules. Read all about it here!

New Notification Center

We have released our new Notification Center on the platform. We’ve given it a cool facelift and made some minor adjustments to make the feature even easier to use.

Dream Broker

We do now support another online video software tool on the platform. It’s possible to embed Dream Broker videos in the Modulemaker and on the Social Learning Wall.

What is Dream Broker? It’s an online video software company that offers an easy-to-use cloud-based video platform for creating and editing videos.

UI update on the department sites

We have given our department site a small UI update and now show the hierarchical structure. In addition, we have expanded the search mechanism so that you always get to visualize the hierarchical location of a department.

Hashtags in posts

It is now possible to add hashtags to your post on the Social Learning Wall. When you start writing a hashtag, it will come up with suggestions based on the tags that have already been created on the platform. And of course, it is also possible to search for hashtags on the Social Learning Wall.

Import/export of text in the Modulemaker

Want to easily create modules in different language versions in the Modulemaker? 

Let's introduce you to the new export feature that makes it possible to export all text (both slides and feedback) in a module.

So, if you want to translate a module, you just have to select which language you want to translate the module into. Based on the chosen language, the platform generates a file in which it is possible to add the translated text. The next step is to upload this file - and then the platform will automatically create the module in this language.


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