In this post, we’ll be talking about our newest feature: Tags.

What’s this you say? Can I use tags? Yes, you can! Categorization is now available with keyword tagging. This makes it possible to add multiple tags in modules and events, instead of categories. If you like tagging, we can feel you (virtually) high-fiving us.

Let’s jump into the use of it:

Looks easy, right? It is!

As the video shows it is possible to either select between existing tags (in the drop-down) when you create a module/event or create a new tag right there when creating the module – making it even faster to get started on the content!

Why this new feature? Because it makes it easier to find the specific content you need.


We hope this little blog post is a useful guide to this new tag feature and that it will help you to easily categorize your content.

In the future, we’ll also add tags to files, learning paths, etc.

We’d love to hear your feedback about this new feature or any further suggestions on how we can improve our platform even further! Positive or negative, feedback is always appreciated here at Learningbank. We raise our platform together.


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