SCORM enables you to create more effective and more engaging digital learning flows.

SCORM is short for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is best described as a set of technical standards for eLearning software. In short, SCORM helps the learning platform to handle content from a variety of sources.

In Learningbank, we use SCORM when we integrate more advanced digital learning games (e.g. productions from Articulate Storyline) into the platform.

Goodbye SCORM Headaches

This new release gives much more flexibility in the production of modules. The feature allows you to integrate SCORM as a slide; in content, test, and survey modules. You can combine SCORM with test slides, Hotspots, and videos in the same module.

Until now, it has not been possible to combine Modulemaker slides with these more advanced digital learning games. Therefore, this is a big deal!

SCORMHow do I create new modules that must contain SCORM?

Instead of selecting SCORM as the module type when creating a module, you just have to select content, test, or survey. Next, you can add SCORM as a slide.

Old SCORM modules will be converted to test modules with a SCORM slide.

Want to learn more about this new feature?

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Release date: 15th September 2020