We are happy to announce that we have released the extended functionality of the Sharing feature.

That means, that you are now able to:  

  • Share modules in a sharing 
  • Set the same settings in a sharing as you can in learning paths 
  • Create dependencies between learning paths and modules  
  • Stretch the learning by adding delays between learning paths and modules  
  • Decide whether learning paths and modules are required or not 
  • Decide whether a user, who is assigned to the same module multiple times, has to complete the module multiple times or if the module gets marked as completed everywhere as soon as the user has completed it once.   
  • Edit a published sharing 

Your Learning for users 

And to make sure that the user always knows what learning to take next, we have developed the widget “Your Learning”. This widget will be displayed on the user’s dashboard and the learning overview and contains all the unlocked learning that the user must complete – of course in a prioritized sequence starting with the learning that has the closest deadline.  

What else 

Since it now is possible to share optional modules in a sharing, we have removed the catalogue feature. Instead of sharing modules with a user in the module overview, you can share them in a sharing.  

The attempts of users on catalogue modules are saved even though we removed the catalogue feature. That means you can easily assign the users to the modules again through a sharing. Remember to set them as optional if they are not required. ​ 

And to give you the best experience we will support you with how-to-guides, product tours, and explainer videos - to make sure that you know how to use the new feature and see the value of it. 

Thanks for now 👋 

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact us at support@learningbank.io. We are more than happy to help.