All of us learn through experience. By doing! We have to get involved to learn (and remember) new stuff.

We enable you to easily create interactive learning content in the platform. This means that your users get new challenges that increase engagement. In our authoring tool “Modulemaker”, you’ll find two new interaction features called “Drag and drop” and “Hotspot”. You can use these features just as easily as you use “Multiple choice” today. And this is just the beginning. We’re continuously working on new interaction features to create the best user (and admin) experience.

Drag and drop

A user can answer a question by dragging the right statements or terms into the right column and dropping them there.


This one might remind you of Spot the difference (Find fem fejl). In this challenge, a user needs to find and mark spots in an image e.g. in a GDPR module the user can mark the spots that do not comply with the GDPR Regulation in an image of a reception area.


Coming soon

You can soon setup challenges in your learning modules/flows where a user can match two statements by drag and drop. The other upcoming feature is called Fill in the blank. This one allows the user to fill in blank fields with the correct words/sentences.

We’re here to help you

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