Here we go again. We have updated a few features in the learning platform. 

New possibilities when creating rules in a Sharing

We have added new possibilities when you create rules in a sharing. It is now possible to ensure that only newly created users get assigned to a sharing, not the ones that are only changing job profile or department.

Also, you can now define whether all newly created departments or job profiles get added to a rule automatically. That is especially relevant when you are using integrations.


Mark learning as completed for users

It is now possible to mark learning that has been assigned to a user as completed. When you have the permission, you can just enter a user’s profile, navigate to the Learning paths tab and choose which learning path you want to mark as completed.


We gave our notification in the platform a facelift. They will from now on mostly appear in the lower right corner.


Also, a placeholder has been added to the event menu when a user has not been invited to an event jet.


Last but not least, we updated the design of our reset password feature to create an even better user experience.

reset_passwordAny questions?

You're welcome to contact us at We are more than happy to help.