Work in the Metaverse WORK3.0

Wouldn't it be nice to do a quick meeting at a Parisian café, while sipping your café au lait? Or what about working from a sunny beach without getting sand into your keyboard? Maybe you can soon in the metaverse.

In this episode of the podcast WORK 3.0, Karina Rothoff Brix, Country Manager at Firi, The Nordic region’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, shares her insights about work in the metaverse. Is the metaverse for all kinds of employees? Do we need huge equipment to enter the metaverse? And whether there's a potential risk of us getting lonelier, when we don’t get that special in-person touch – and, instead, just sit day in and day out in front of our screens without any other inputs from the world around us?  


An Additional Place to Work 

But how will we be working in the metaverse? Will we be there all the time or what will our workdays actually look like? Karina Rothoff Brix has some clear ideas about these topics: 

"I don't think everything will move into the metaverse. I think we should see the metaverse as an additional place to work for everyone in the future."

"We've got used to having online meetings, right? That could also be nudged up in terms of taking all these emerging technologies as VR and such and actually making it not just sitting in front of a screen, watching a head, but actually having a feeling of going into the room with all your colleagues or collaborators around the world and having the experience of actually sitting together. The level of experience will for sure be raised this way," Karina Rothoff Brix says about working in the metaverse in the podcast. 

AI-Twins, The Positive Sides, and Downsides

Listen to the full episode of the podcast in your favorite podcast player, and you will gain insights about: 

  • What is the metaverse
  • What the metaverse look like right now 
  • How we will be working in the metaverse going forward
  • The positive sides and the downsides of working in the metaverse
  • Whether an AI-twin can handle our tasks in the metaverse
  • If it's possible that both desk workers and deskless workers will be working in the metaverse
  • How we will earn money in the metaverse, and whether our salaries will be in cryptocurrency
  • When we will start working even more in the metaverse