Future Leader

Do you smile, when your manager enters the room? Or hide?

Our manager is an important figure in our daily work routine, and it means a lot whether he or she is present, or always spends time in meetings and criticizes your work.    

Globally, 80 % feel unengaged at work according to Gallup. And, if the leaders in our workplaces just lean back and do business, as usual, it’s quite probable that their unengaged employees will look around for new opportunities, where their leader actually takes their wellbeing seriously.

In this episode of WORK 3.0, Bruce Avolio, Professor of Management at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, shares his insights about what the future leader looks like. What can leaders do to take better care of their employees? And what does it take to become the best leader possible in the future?  



The Skills for the Effective Future Leader

Something most people will be curious about when it comes to foreseeing what the future leader will look like is what skills will be most in demand. And here, Bruce Avolio has clear answers: 

"The ability to understand others, where they are coming from in the most diverse sense, whatever their orientation is, race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, I think those are incredibly important. Also, the ability to go sideways - laterally. The greatest organizations in the future will be more cooperative, where they are working across boundaries. (...) Coaching. Every leader will have to be an effective coach," says Bruce Avolio. 

These are just some of the skills highlighted as important to master for the future leader. Learn even more and get examples of how the skills are used in practice in the podcast. 

The Best Tips to Become a Great Leader in the Future

Listen to the full episode of the podcast in your favorite podcast player, where you will also gain insights about: 

  • The best tips to become a great leader in the future 
  • The stereotypical leader today
  • The difference between the personality traits of any leader and an effective leader 
  • Micromanagement 
  • What responsibilities will be most likely for the leaders of the future 
  • And ... if managers will even exist in the future