When you think: happiness. Your job might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. 

However, these days, elevating the employee wellbeing is on top of the agendas for most workplaces. This might be caused by the time we had to reflect during the pandemic about what truly made us happy in life and at work. And now we, the employees, crack the typical structures of what happiness at work truly means.  

In the podcast, WORK 3.0, we talk to Liselotte Jensen, CEO of Great Place to Work, Denmark, about happiness at work. How can we make sure that everyone is happy at work, and what do the happiest employees in the world look like?  


Trust, Pride, and Community

There are three components that are quite static and most often make up the happiest employees according to Liselotte Jensen and Great Place to Work. Furthermore, one of the components is more foundational than the two others:   

"I like to think of the way we work with workplaces and the three aspects here: trust, pride, and community as a kind of workplace Maslow's pyramid (...). At the bottom is the trust between management and employees and the three aspects: credibility, respect, and fairness (...). Pride and community feeling are on the top layers," Liselotte Jensen says in the podcast. 

In the podcast, Liselotte Jensen also gives examples of what trust, pride, and community look like at workplaces.   

The Best Tips for Happiness at Work 

Listen to the entire podcast on your favorite podcast player, and you can gain even more insights about: 

  • What made us happy at work 10 years ago compared to now 
  • Why it's important to be happy at work 
  • Whether it's possible to make everybody happy at work 
  • The characteristics of the winners of Great Place to Work
  • The best tips for both employees and employers to create more happiness at work