Prepare Your Employees and Prevent Corruption

The learning game teaches your employees the do’s and dont’s of anti-corruption in a fun and engaging way to prevent crisis for your company.

anti-corruption learning game

Why learn about anti-corruption?

Corruption is punished hard and many grey areas exist in the field.
So how do you ensure that your employees are equipped with the right information to navigate correctly in this space?
To prevent future crisis for your company, you need to equip your employees with the do’s and dont’s of anti-corruption and avoid pitfalls in any future scenarios.

The Anti-corruption Game

The learning game works as a wake-up call and creates awareness to help your employees stop corruption.
Our learning game is developed in collaboration with Coop Danmark and their lawyers.

In only 15 minutes we combine mechanics, engaging storytelling, and result-oriented learning content, that ensure your employees will gain insights into subjects such as bribery, facilitating payment, embezzlement, nepotism, and conflicts of interest.

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

The Anti-Corruption game is part of the Anti-Corruption Learning Flow and consist of these modules

01. Introduction

02. The Anti-Corruption Game

03. Gifts

04. Nepotism

05. Brush Up Quiz

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