Create Awareness and Understanding of GDPR with digital training

Our learning flow increases training of GDPR among employees quickly and effective using real-life digital scenarios.

Gdpr training game

Why is GDPR training important?

Careless handling of personal data releases monstrous fines. However, in a digitalized world in constant growth, it is easy to make mistakes. At the same time, when GDPR seems dull and irrelevant to the employees, it is no wonder, that 80 % of the violations are due to human errors. 
Companies can prevent potential data breeches by educating their employees in GDPR in an engaging way, which is relatable in their work day.

How to use the GDPR learning flow in practice

The purpose of the learning flow is to bring insights of GDPR-traps and create awareness for the employees to prevent potential data breeches during their work day.

In only 25 minutes the employees will experience real-life scenarios, learning games, and tests, that ensures the maximum impact of the learning.

  • Gain insights and a general understanding of GDPR
  • Create awareness of potential data breeches
  • Real-life scenarios to give employees hands-on experience

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

GDPR Training is part of the GDPR Learning Flow and consist of these modules

01. introduction­­­­­­­­­

02. The GDPR Game

03. Procedure for Security Breach

04. Fishing

05. The Meeting Room

06. Sorting Personal Data

06. Reception and Clean Desk

06. Brush Up Quiz

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