GDPR – the gamified learning experience

Prevent potential data breaches by educating your employees about GDPR in a more engaging and relatable way.

💻 8 modules  🕒 50 min

Available in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Lithuanian, Polish.
Other languages provided upon additional agreement

Awareness and understanding
of GDPR 

The purpose of this learning path is to create awareness about GDPR-traps to prevent potential data breaches during the workday.

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“KK Wind Solutions has used Learningbank's GDPR module with great succes. The digital learning was well received in the organisation and the employees got a concrete return of how to comply to GDPR rules in their everyday.”

Kent S, Global HR KK Wind Solutions

Effective learning techniques for today's learners

This learning path is built up in a way that increases knowledge retention and ensures maximum impact.


Real-life scenarios



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Learning games

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