How to master stress

With this learning path your employees will get actionable tools they can use in their workday to cope with work-related stress.

💻 10 modules  🕒 150 min

Available in English.
Other languages provided upon additional agreement

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The purpose of this learning path is to give your employees a new understanding of stress and how they can turn daily stressors into their advantage.

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Together, we're better.

This learning path is created in collaboration with our friends from Pleaz.
Pleaz is on a mission to change the way that workplaces work, by providing tools and a structure for health and wellbeing.

“The purpose of this course is to help you and your team to embrace a positive mindset toward managing stress rather than keeping a negative idea about getting rid of it.”

Prof. Stefano De Dominicis (PhD, PsyD), University of Copenhagen

A better way to learn

This learning path is built up in a way that increases knowledge retention and ensures maximum impact. 


Reflective tasks & actionable tools


Learning videos

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Microlearning modules 

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