Engage New Employees and Reduce Time-to-Performance

We have created a preboarding game – The Mythical Islandsthat gives new employees the perfect start.

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Why should you use Preboarding?

A good preboarding is a chance for the company to present its history, values, vision, strategy, and culture.  
It is vital to give new employees a sense of belonging from day one. The sooner you onboard your newest teammates, the sooner they will be able to make an impact, perform, and contribute to the business.

Preboarding in practice

Your employees will be going on an explorative trip to The Mythical Islands. On every island, they are introduced to a new topic about the company as well as challenges on the newly gained knowledge.

The learning game is developed by Learning Specialists and Designers to get the maximum impact of the learning for your employees. The solution is based on a solid and professional foundation with the newest knowledge about learning and technology. 

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

The Mythical Islands is part of the Preboarding Learning Flow and consist of these modules

01. Intro

02. Our Story

03. Meet a colleague

04. Survey

05. Quiz

06. Outro

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All learning flows are part of Learningbank Lifecycle Platform

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